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What We Do

We help companies strategize, build, revamp, and protect web-based software


Create a Minimum Viable Product to prove your concept and lay a foundation you can continue building on.


Put troublesome software back on a solid foundation if it has become slow, insecure, or unmanageable.

Staff augmentation

Supercharge your dev team quickly and seamlessly.

Product leadership

Establish a practice of strong, consistent progress.

Due diligence

Ensure there are no suprises lurking when you buy software.

Management training

Create great engineering managers to build teams that last.

Expert witness

Provide compelling analysis that speaks to the heart of the matter.

Virtual CTO

Make the right strategic decisions today and for the long run.

Select clients

We specialize in ecommerce, fintech, and business intelligence

We have a consultant who:

investigated confidential source code
as an expert in the smartphone patent wars.

wrote the top book on federal HITECH Act compliance.

worked in Apple's Business Intelligence group.

built a competitor to PayPal for a niche market.

fixed a major bug in Ruby on Rails
(opensource software used by millions).

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